5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Is Pet Friendly

Pets like to wander around and can be too curious for their own good. Sometimes, this can be dangerous for them – especially if they’re around electrics. Pets aren’t aware of the hazards around them, nor the hazards they can cause themselves. Which is why we’ve put together 5 handy tips on how to keep your home pet friendly.

Don’t Leave Cords Laying Around 

Put any loose cords away, we all know that pets love to play with EVERYTHING including chewing on things too. If your cords are visible, the temptation is higher. To help avoid your pets hurting themselves, make sure you’re using protective covers and neatly tucking away your cords somewhere they can’t reach. 

Unplug Electronics When You’re Not Using Them 

If you have lots of electronics, it can be ‘easier’ to leave things plugged in – especially if you have your own system set up. But the less electronics plugged in, the less likely your pet is able harm themselves when they’re on their own little adventure. 

At JVB we can install a fire safety system to ensure that if any fires (electrical included) you are completely safe.

Take Time Training 

Training your pets to avoid certain areas can help a lot. Cats tend to respond to negative stimuli such as spraying the area with a scent they don’t like, whereas dogs respond to positive stimuli like giving a treat every time they keep away from cords. 

Invest in Good Equipment 

Usually, cheaper electronics and equipment tend to break easily. Cheap power cords are more likely to spark or overheat, they could even start electrical fires. Do your research before buying products even if it costs more initially, it’ll save more in the long run.  

If you need help placing a safe system within your home or need advice, give us a call 0800 368 9855 or email hello@jvb-solutions.com