Air Source Heat Pumps

If you are considering having an air source heat pump installation, then you need to bring in our team of fully qualified and experienced heating engineers that understand how these low-temperature heating systems work.

Air source heat pumps work differently from conventional central heating systems as they use vapour compression cycle principles and weather compensation techniques to operate. These systems run at a low temperature using a refrigerant vapour compression cycle and don’t turn on and off like a traditional boiler.
Installing an air source heat pump isn’t a DIY job as they have electrical connections that need to be done by a qualified electrician, as well as plumbing circuits that need to be installed by qualified and experienced installers.
JVB Solutions can design and install all the equipment needed, including the heat distribution network and room thermostats. We may also need to install some circulation pumps, a manifold and a control box for any underfloor heating you are planning.
Air source heating pumps are installed outside of your property, and long term maintenance will include checking that the pump has free air movement and is free of blockages such as leaves and debris. This must be carried out by a qualified heating engineer, so JVB Solutions can help maintain your system too!

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