Best Way To Light Up Your Home Office

Working remotely is on the rise and we want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as they can be. Office lighting can help with:

  • Energy levels
  • Reducing eye strain
  • Boosting productivity
  • Motivation

Take a look at our tips for office lighting:

Types of Lighting

To make the most use of your office space the team at JVB can combine these 3 types of lighting in your office to make the most out of your space.

Ambient Lighting

These are the general lights you use to keep a room lit. so the main light typically in your ceiling or as wall fixtures. This is often the base of your lighting. You want to make sure your ambient light is distributed evenly around the room. Having uneven lighting can cause you strain. It’s recommended that you have this type of lighting on a dimmer switch, that way you have more control over your lighting situation throughout the day.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is to help bring more light to areas where you are performing specific tasks like, reading, writing, or working at a computer. This type of lighting is typically used at a desk and with a lamp. Having it slightly placed behind the computer can offset the brightness of the computer screen which will help reduce eye strain.

The use of these lights is so you are able to see the details of your specific task without any difficult and strain to the eyes.

Accent Lighting

This isn’t as important but if you have a shelf full of awards or any architectural details you can highlight these using accent lighting. This will help add a bit more luxury to your room and put emphasis on things you want to showcase.


Where does most of your light come from? You want to make sure you don’t have any light coming from behind you as this can cause a very annoying glare on your computer screen. You want to have natural light in front of your computer screen or next to your work surface. Not only will you get to see outside and get be able to make the use of fresh air whilst working. It’ll also help reduce energy costs.

With these tips you’re guaranteed to reduce stress, eye strain and fatigue. For help in installing new lights get in touch here.