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Wood (which is a biomass fuel) is making a comeback as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. It is effectively carbon neutral as burning the wood only releases as much carbon dioxide as the tree has absorbed during its life. It is supplied either in the form of logs, which must be well seasoned, wood chips or manufactured pellets. Stoves and cookers are available as heat only or as boilers, which may work alone or can be integrated with a gas boiler system, or combination of any renewable energy.

Log burning stoves and boilers are normally manually fed and therefore are not fully automatic and require regular attention, throughout the day to maintain performance. Automatic woodchip and pellet boilers when installed with a large fuel hopper or storage bin can be left to run for long periods without regular attention, but will require storage space for the fuel, which is normally delivered in bulk by the supplier. Waste ash is normally removed twice a year.

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