Understanding Smart Thermostats Smart thermostats have increased in popularity over the years. Many energy suppliers have said that having a smart thermostat is the best way to have control over your gas and electricity costs. However, some people still don’t know exactly what a smart thermostat can do.  What is a Smart Thermostat?  A smart...
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We want to make sure our customers are happy, and we want to encourage safety and eco efficiency. Not only will this help our environment, but it will also reduce your energy costs.  Install and Use Heating Controls  If you don’t already have a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves, the team at JVB...
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Working remotely is on the rise and we want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as they can be. Office lighting can help with: Energy levelsReducing eye strainBoosting productivityMotivation Take a look at our tips for office lighting: Types of Lighting To make the most use of your office space the team at JVB...
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Sometimes, life can get ahead of us and we often forget the importance of checking everything is in order. From electricals to plumbing, fire safety, and heating, there is a lot to remember while getting on with our day to day lives. Here at JVB, we are currently offering a property health check for £65+VAT...
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Thanks so much for clicking through from the Teddington Town website! There’s just one step to go – please fill in your details below and a member of our team will be in touch next week if you’re one of the lucky winners. Good luck!
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Winter is probably the worst time to be unprepared. You want your home to be cosy, warm and ready for the festive season. Here are some plumbing and heating tips to keep your home in its best condition. Disconnect Hoses It’s very easy to forget to disconnect your hose as summer drifts away. However, if...
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