Garden Heating Services

Homeowners in Kingston now have the opportunity to make the most of their outdoor space, and even when it starts to cool down in the evening there is no need to retreat indoors when you have an effective outdoor heating solution.

JVB Solutions have several ‘hot’ ways to keep your outdoor space warm and the simplest way to find your perfect garden heating solution is to talk to our friendly and experienced team about what you need.

Whether you plan to host some outdoor evening entertainment and want to help keep your guests warm, especially as the temperature starts to cool down, or you are looking for a way to extend your family evenings in the garden, we will have the solution for you.

 Outdoor heating options 

The most common types of garden heaters include: 

·         Chimeneas

·         Fire pits and fire bowls

·         Outdoor fireplaces

·         Patio heaters 

Having heating in your garden can help you make the best use of your outdoor space throughout the year. You don’t need to let a chilly evening bring your outdoor fun to an end when heating your deck or patio area could be as easy as lighting up a fire pit or flicking on your electric outdoor heating.

One of the quickest and simplest garden heating methods is electric heating that you can simply turn on and off. A speedy and convenient option, these come in a variety of designs and there is sure to be one that is suitable for your needs.

When teamed up with JBV Solution’s garden lighting options, investing in your garden can pay off all year round. When summer starts to sink into mellow autumn days and cooler evenings, you will be glad that you don’t need to lock yourself indoors, but instead, continue to enjoy your garden for much longer.

Find the safest outdoor heating option 

Having open flames in your garden in a fire pit or fire bowl may look spectacular and mesmerising, but if you have young children around, it might not be the safest option to heat your patio or deck.

However, there are safe ways to install outdoor heating that will let you stay toasty and safe. The simplest way to find your perfect garden heating solution is to talk to our friendly team to discuss your needs.

We will take into consideration your family circumstances, pets, garden layout and the materials used in the garden space that you would like heating. We will discuss your best options for garden heating, talk you through your options, and give you a quote for the whole job with no added extras or hidden costs.

If you wanted to look at installing garden lighting and heating, it is best to have JVB Solutions do both installations together so that all work is well planned and safely installed. The right kind of garden lights can help to create a magical scene and make the most of your outdoor space after dark.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your garden heating needs. We are here to help!