Is Your Home Safe Enough?

Is your home secure enough? Sadly, with residential burglaries happening across Elmbridge, now more than ever it’s important to ensure your home is protected. 

Here are the JVB top security tips for keeping your property safe:

  1. Keep windows and door locked, even when in the property
  2. Keep house keys and car keys away from windows and door
  3. Lock up all ladders stored in sheds and gardens
  4. Ensure all security alarms are maintained and are set at suitable times
  5. Keep external areas lit, either buy use of low wattage lighting and a dusk till dawn sensor or appropriately placed motion detectors.
  6. Keep property maintenance up to date. With special attention to door/window frames, handles/locks and
  7. including garden maintenance, keeping dark, overgrown areas to a minimum.
  8. Whether you have an electric or manual garage, install internal deadbolts.

Book a Free No Obligation security survey with JVB Solutions Ltd to run through all the key areas:

External Lighting 

The team at JVB can advise on the best installation method and fitting type to suit all property layouts and styles.

From flood light fittings with integrated motion sensors, fixed around the external perimeter. To feature lighting that not only accents architectural features and landscaped plants but will also offer full lighting security coverage.

Furthermore, with JVB only recommending energy efficient LED lighting solutions linked with smart lighting control systems. We can design and install a solution to meet every budget, whilst keeping the running costs at a minimum for years to come.

Security Alarms & CCTV Systems 

With new technology being released all the time it’s hard for consumers to know which system to choose.

JVB have experience of installing traditional wired systems with local/cloud back up and remote access, and a variety of wireless solutions to overcome every obstacle.

To include:

  • NEST
  • HIVE
  • ARLO
  • RING

We can even help with smart doorbells or fire detection systems. For more information and general advice call us on 0800 368 9855 or click here.