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JVB Solutions in Kingston, provides a bespoke fitting kitchens service. Our specialist team can make sure that your kitchen installation remains hassle free.

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Kitchen Fitters

Have you bought a kitchen and want it fitted? We can help.

JVB Solutions has over 30 years combined experience in fitting kitchens. Our specialist fitters, plumbers and electricians work together to ensure that the hassle is taken out of the kitchen installation.

We have high quality kitchen fitters and kitchen designers to ensure your needs are met at a high standard.

Whether it is a bespoke design or shop bought kitchen, we will guarantee that it is installed on time and on budget. With expert kitchen designers and planning, our kitchens in Kingston are fully managed and of a high standard.

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Fully certified tradesmen

Project Management

How It Works

Site Survey

A member of the JVB team will book in a time that suits you for our Director to visit and go through the quote requirements. Here, you’ll get to discuss what kind of kitchen installation and design you want, as well as pricing and time constraints.

Installation & Timelines

Once the quote has been signed off, and start times confirmed, JVB Solutions will commence work on the agreed start date and work within the timelines to get your kitchen fitted.

Project Management

All JVB building and renovation work requires full Project Management to ensure that the job is completed to high standards and on time. Therefore, your Director will project manage the whole kitchen installation to ensure you’ve got a top quality kitchen and you are happy and excited by the end result.

Our team of highly qualified contractors will manage all of the necessary plumbing and electrical work too.

What To Consider When Getting Your Kitchen Fitted

Building regulations

Whilst planning your new kitchen and getting the kitchen fitted, you may need to keep in mind some regulations. Certain new things you may need to get approval for such as, new drainage, electrical works, the fitting of a new gas cooker and boiler.

All new kitchens should have an extract ventilation, this is usually in the form of a cooker hood over the hob. These are to help reduce condensation and cooking odors.

In budget

Getting your kitchen fitted can vary in cost, it’s all dependent on the size, specification, quality of materials, number of appliances, installation costs and the area you live in.


Just like the budget, the time it takes to get your kitchen fitted can also vary. It all depends on the type of kitchen that has been designed. For basic kitchens can take a few weeks, for more complex ones such as, part of a new extension or larger home renovation kitchens, these can take several weeks if not months.


Think about the design of the kitchen in a more practical sense, of course the kitchen must look nice but is it convenient for you? Is everything in the kitchen accessible? Do you have everything you need first before things you want? You need to make sure the design you want is safe and meets your specific requirements.

At JVB Solutions we can provide you with all the above and more. Our Kingston kitchen fitters and kitchen designers are specially skilled to provide professional, top quality work.

At JVB Solutions we can provide you with all the above and more. Our Kingston bathroom fitters and bathroom designers are specifically skilled to provide excellent service and the highest quality bathrooms.

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