Tolworth – Advantage Nursery

Electricians in Tolworth

JVB Solution sent a team of electricians to Tolworth to provide the internal and external electrical design and installation for the Advantage Nursery in Tolworth.

The electricians worked on Advantage Nursery’s new large commercial side extension. Their mission was to create a childcare facility that sets new standards in design and quality.

Our electricians relocated a new consumer unit, which are essential in commercial properties as it divides the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, whilst providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in that enclosure. 

In addition to this, our electricians re-supplied existing circuits throughout the building, this is so the nursery is up to date and running smoothly. 

Due to the large commercial side extension being new, our electricians had to do a full installation of new electricals. 

We provided Advantage Nursery with a full safety inspection and a commercial EICR.


The challenge was that all work was carried out when the children were in the adjoining building, therefore safeguarding the children was paramount.  Another challenge was ensuring the health and safety of the nursery staff, the families and our team – Especially as much of the work was carried out over weekends and evenings.

Safety is paramount and as 18th edition qualified electricians, JVB are fully compliant with current safety standards. Before any work starts, JVB engineers will review the existing installation to ensure it is compatible with the planned alterations.