Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

Rewiring your home may be essential due to the safety risks involved with old and deteriorating wiring. JVB Solutions can inspect your home and give you a quote based on what needs to be done. Inspections should be done periodically to ensure your home is working at it’s best and to minimise as much damage as possible. 

Here are a few signs to look out for: 

An old house

If the property is 30 years old and hasn’t been rewired since, chances are it needs updating at least to match modern standards. This will most likely include replacing the fuse box with a modern consumer unit. 

Old wiring can cause the electrical system trip frequently or blow fuses. Worst case scenario it can cause a spark that can cause an electrical shock and even a fire. 

Scorched or discoloured sockets or switches

If there are loose connections inside the sockets, it can result in little arcs of electricity and fires. Call an electrician in the moment you see any discolouration. 

Blows in the fuses 

If your fuse blows repeatedly, that’s a sign your home needs rewiring. This may be due to an appliance you’re using but if you’re unsure JVB are able to help. 

Flickering lights 

If there’s only one flicker or dimming light chances are the bulbs are faulty. However, if this is a consistent problem and happening in multiple rooms, it could be an electrical problem and should be checked. 

Rewiring is an opportunity to not only improve safety but also convience – to add more switches and plugs for various appliances such as home computers and televisions. If you are selling an older property, a recent rewire can increase its appeal to buyers. 

If you’re planning a property renovation this is the perfect time to get the property rewired, it’s easier to do a rewiring before any plastering and decorating. Also, whilst getting a new plumbing and central heating installation done.  

Safety is paramount and as 18th edition qualified electricians, JVB are fully compliant with current safety standards. Before any work starts, JVB engineers will review the existing installation to ensure it is compatible with the planned alterations.