Smart Lighting and The Use of Lutron

Smart lighting has become increasingly popular for both commercial and domestic properties. Not only is smart lighting perfect for getting the most out of your lighting system and space, but it can also help in reducing energy usage and therefore cost.

At JVB we are proud to be approved Lutron installers, allowing us to provide our clients with flexible lighting solutions from a global leading manufacturer.

Who are Lutron? 

Lutron offer a broad portfolio of products allowing JVB to support customers from initial design through implementation, ongoing management, and continual improvement of their total light environment including natural and artificial sources.

Lutron products, range from individual residential dimmers and blind/shading solutions to total light management systems, that control entire building complexes, perfect for buildings such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices and educational facilities.

Single Room Solutions

JVB can provide single room solutions, by using Lutron systems we’re able to provide our clients the freedom to personalise the light in any space. Our single room solutions let our clients effortlessly adjust their lighting for any occasion. With a variety of switches, wall plates and blinds that come in a variety of colours and fabrics to match your space.

We can install systems to cater to the following:

  • Energy saving
  • Elegance and ambiance
  • Convenience
  • Remote controlled
  • Shade control
  • Personalised light control

Whole Home Solutions

There are smart lighting solutions for every home, JVB can install and adapt a lighting system to suit our clients. With the use of Lutron, we can provide the perfect solution no matter the home size, budget or whether it is a new building or upgrade.

Lutron products integrate with a variety of smart home solutions.

  • Audio systems (Sonos, etc)
  • Voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google, Apple)
  • Complete home automation systems (Savant)
  • Security systems (Alarm, CCTV)

Get in touch with JVB today and we can work out the best system that will suit your home and/or office

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