Spring Garden Lighting Tips

Lights aren’t just for the interior of your home. When garden lighting and heating are professionally designed and installed, it opens up another room to your home that you didn’t know you had. Before you start work on your garden lighting project – have you considered the following?

Plan Ahead

When installing outdoor lighting, having a plan in place will help. Plan where you want your lights to be placed. This will help determine where the wiring needs to be routed and whether you have the necessary electrical source available.

Always be safe and refer to a professional if you’re unsure.

The Right Lamp /Fittings

Be cautious when picking out the right lamps, are they suitable for an outdoor light fitting? A rating of IP44 or above is recommended to get the most protection against water damage for your garden lighting.
Always check the wattage of your lamp, never exceed the fixture as this can cause overheated wiring and damage to insulation. This includes decorative lights as well.

Installation Safety

Safety is paramount and as 18th edition qualified electricians, JVB is fully compliant with current safety standards. Before any work starts, JVB engineers will review the existing installation to ensure it is compatible with the planned alterations.

Turn off Lights

If you aren’t home you may be tempted to turn off the garden lighting in order to help save on electricity. However, having the correct LED lamp and control method could help reduce electricity costs, without compromising the security benefits given by external lighting.

Weatherproof Boxes And Sockets
Many outdoor lighting features need surface-mounted switches. If yours are like this, letting the switches be exposed to harsh weather could be damaging. encasing your switches in a waterproof box can make them last much longer.

If portable lead lighting is being used, always plug them into an outdoor socket that is rated as weather resistant to a minimum of IP44.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can remain safe and get a beautiful-looking garden at the same time. JVB can also install a modern security system to protect your home and provide safety, these can include CCTV and lights with motion detection.

JVB is happy to help and has an experienced team of electricians if you’re unsure or need a more complicated or high-tech lighting system in place. Give us a call at 0800 368 9855 or click here.