Understanding Smart Thermostats

Understanding Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have increased in popularity over the years. Many energy suppliers have said that having a smart thermostat is the best way to have control over your gas and electricity costs. However, some people still don’t know exactly what a smart thermostat can do. 

What is a Smart Thermostat? 

A smart thermostat is designed to help you control the central heating in your home by learning your routine and ideal temperature and then programming your heating for you. Smart thermostats can also allow for remote access via a phone app.

This means you can get full control of your heating system.

Smart thermostats manage your energy with more efficiency, eliminating excessive usage and reducing costs. 

What’s Different About a Smart Thermostats? 

You can change the level of heating depending on the time of day, weather or who’s home. You also have the ability to control all this from a phone or tablet. 

Advantages of Smart Thermostats 

  • It allows you to monitor your home’s gas and electric usage. 
  • Can save you money on your bills. 
  • Offers comfort, you can control everything through a handheld smart device and set up specific settings to suit you e.g., when to turn the heating on, how hot and which rooms. 
  • You can gather statistics to see how much energy is being consumed and how you can minimise waste.

What Smart Thermostats do JVB Install? 

To name a few:


Hive is a smart thermostat created by British Gas to help put more control of your heating in your hands. Hive is remotely controlled through an app that you can download on a smart device like a phone. The Device provided has a dashboard that displays live information on how much energy you’re using and control to change the temperature of your home. 

Hive lets you create a detailed heating schedule for your home to maximise energy efficiency and cut down on waste. It’s an app that isn’t too invasive and lets you have full control on the information it contains and gathers. 

NEST- Google

NEST is a smart thermostat created by Google, this is designed to monitor your behaviour and lifestyle habits to create a suitable schedule for your heating without you having to lift a finger. 

The idea is that NEST would’ve built enough data about you that it can change your heating based on your life. 

NEST has a motion sensor built in, so it can sense if you’re home or not. If it notices you aren’t home, it’ll turn the heating off automatically. 

Not only does it do things on its own, but you do have access on a smart device to have more hands-on control if you prefer/need it. 

NEST also provides you with real time information on your energy consumption. If you want more information or are interested in getting a smart thermostat installed in your property give us a call 0800 368 9855 or click here.