What Is A Modern Smart Home?

Smart technology is becoming such a part of everyday life that anyone buying a new-build home expects it to come with built-in smart technology and home automation.

Modern smart homes consist of five basic elements that are controlled by smart technology.

These elements are:

· Convenience and ease of use

· Smart atmosphere control

· Smart energy controls

· Smart home entertainment

· Smart home security

But it’s not all about having all five of these elements present in your home; it also includes making sure that they all seamlessly integrate.

Convenience and ease of use

The whole point of using smart technology in a modern house is its convenience and making our lives more manageable around the home. It feels like the future to live in a home that is secure, energy-efficient and highly comfortable.

Incorporating smart technologies such as voice-controlled smart assistants (Alexa etc.) can help to reduce stress and increase productivity throughout your day.

Smart atmosphere control

The atmosphere in your home is important because it affects the way your feel. It is the warm ambient smart lighting that you can control remotely, the relaxing background music playing while you cook your dinner, and the scene you set for your family movie night with low lights and speakers set at just the right angle around the room.

Modern smart homes help provide you and your family with a comfortable atmosphere that you can adjust to suit your needs at any given time. Temperature, air quality, lighting, music, furniture, and smart TV set up all contribute to a comfortable home.

Smart energy control

You can take control of your gas, electricity and water utilities and know precisely how much you are using on a daily basis by using smart technology. It can help you be more mindful of how much energy your household uses and highlights activities or electrical appliances that use the most energy.

It can also help you identify areas of energy waste and faulty electrical gadgets that may be draining electricity even when not in use. JVB Solutions are partnered with NEST and HIVE smart home

security and heating systems.

Smart home entertainment

What modern smart home would be complete without making the most of smart home entertainment technology!

From screening a blockbuster movie in surround sound to clearing away the coffee table for a game of guitar hero or a family dance challenge, you can have voice control over your smart TV and sound system so you can take entertaining your family to the next level.

Smart home security

Above all else, we want our home to be safe, and our family protected. It can be very reassuring to have smart home security in place to take care of your home 24/7. Your security system will alert you to lurkers in your garden or intruders in your home, whether you are on the premises or not.

Smart home security products include CCTV cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, smoke alarms, heat sensors and more.

If you are thinking about updating your home to make the most of smart technology, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at JVB Solutions and talk to us about our Smart Home Audio & Visual services. We can also help with indoor and outdoor smart lighting installations and more.