Why You Need An Electrician To Install Light Fixtures

If you are planning a new kitchen extension or loft conversion, you will want to make sure the space is well lit with electric lights. However, it is essential that you bring in a professional company to do this work for you, such as JVB Solutions.

All of your new electrical and lighting work will need to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. This means that you cannot DIY the lighting fixtures in your new space on health and safety grounds.

Many older homes were built with just one single pendant light fixture in the middle of each room. These days adding extra lights and including adjustable mood lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a home is commonplace. But while minor electrical work such as replacing existing broken sockets, light switches and light fixtures is fine, it makes sense to employ the services of a professional electrician to install brand new light fittings or add extended lighting to your existing electrical network to avoid overloading the system.

Take care with special locations

There are special locations in and around your home that you need to take extra care with. These areas include bathrooms, wet rooms, and if you wish to add outdoor lighting to make your garden more secure. You need to bring in a professional electrician to do your electrical installations and lighting fixtures for these areas.

Many homeowners like to remodel their bathrooms by adding a shower or doing away with the bathtub and turning it into a wet room. Bathrooms are places where water and electricity should definitely not be allowed to mix. This is why any major bathroom makeovers need to have the lighting plan safety checked and professionally installed.

What is notifiable work?

Notifiable work is any electrical work that is subject to compliance with Building Regulations notification or approval. From April 2013, electrical work in a dwelling (England), or associated with its surroundings, is notifiable to a local building control body where the work includes:

· The installation of a new circuit, whether at low voltage (typically 230 V) or extra-low voltage); or

· The replacement of a consumer unit (fusebox); or

· Any alteration or addition to an existing circuit in a special location*, whether at low voltage (typically 230 V) or extra-low voltage

*A special location is a room containing a bath or shower, swimming pool or a sauna heater.

If you are planning a major remodelling of your home such as a bathroom makeover, adding an extension or loft conversion, planning to add an en-suite bathroom to your bedroom or loft conversion, or an extra bathroom anywhere in your home, you should bring in a professional electrician to complete the electrical wiring and lighting installation for you.

A fully trained and certified electrician or electrical installation company such as JVB Solutions can self-certify their work because they will be registered with a body that gives them the necessary ‘registered installer’ status. JVB Solutions are registered with NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).

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